Exercise can be such a wonderful starting point for soon-to-be mothers to connect with their body and the baby growing within. It is important, however, that the exercise you choose to do while pregnant is safe and done mindfully.

So many mothers now are pushing themselves incredibly hard during their pregnancy. Whether with heavy weightlifting, running or HIIT classes- if the pelvic floor and rectus abdominus muscles are not trained properly, these types of workouts can end up having a detrimental effect on a mother’s body long term.

It has been found that over 90% of women end up with Diastisis Recti after their delivery. If it isn’t addressed in a timely matter after birth, it can remain for life. This can lead to many problems down the road, including back pain, loss of strength, and incontinence, among others. My goal with training my pre and post natal clients is to help mothers avoid these things, or at least help keep them at bay.

Due to high demand, I have created an online course for pre and postnatal women to do in the comfort of their own homes! My goal with creating this course is to provide a safe and educational space for women to workout during and after their pregnancy. Through the mat classes, I hope to help women create the optimal body for delivery and recovery. I will guide you in how to strengthen the core stabilizing muscles in the pelvis and spine, and integrate a strong breathing practice into your workouts. 

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