Annie is such a creative teacher, always introducing new things – it’s not the sort of class that you attend for a while and then get bored. I have been taking classes from Annie for over a year and am amazed, again and again, that she is a terrific teacher for students of all levels. Annie is aware and observant of newer students. When I first attended her class, she offered me modifications that made it possible for me to do the exercises.  As I learn more, she provides me with feedback to continually improve my alignment and strength. I don’t know how she does this in a group setting, but I always feel as if I’m receiving individualized feedback that is appropriate for my body.

- Kathleen McLaughlin


I enjoy taking Annie's classes because we are always guaranteed a full body workout. There are exercises she has us do that I would never do on my own in a gym or other setting. Her sessions are always well balanced with strength, cardio, and even stretching…things I need more of that I wouldn't do without her guidance. My core is stronger, my body is leaner, and I feel better after Annie's sessions. I would recommend them to anyone. 

- Jeff Little


Annie is the best Pilates instructor I’ve come across in my life.  She is knowledgeable, positive, engaging; and she helps me truly enjoy Pilates. Annie's thorough understanding of the muscular makeup of the body will help any Pilates student-novice or intermediate, pregnant or injured, advance in their own practice. She challenges and motivates each student while focusing on the fundamentals of form and balance, adding on variations and fully explaining the key steps and target goal. After having taken Pilates with Annie for the last two years, I have never been stronger or leaner. Throughout my pregnancy, I was  always comfortable taking Annie's class and am grateful for her instruction and modifications inside the studio.  She gave me in-class suggestions for other exercises to do outside of class to help with my pregnancy and target the important muscles for an easier delivery. I would highly recommend working with Annie!

- Carolyn Cheney


I have been taking pilates reformer classes from Annie for the last 2 years.  Annie’s energetic spirit and comprehensive knowledge of both classical and modern pilates make her the perfect combination! She has taught me so much about pilates that has not only made me better at pilates during class but also has helped me have better posture day in and day out.  I am a pharmacist and spend the majority of my days on my feet.  Annie has helped me develop a much better posture that has made huge differences in the pain my body endures from my job and being on my feet so much.  Annie pushes me to advance my abilities and has made me so much stronger. Annie’s positive attitude and loving spirit make her the perfect teacher! Anyone would be lucky to learn from her and I will definitely be following her wherever she is teaching pilates.

- Janna Merritt


I’ve been taking Annie’s classes for just over two years, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Not only am I in better shape, but I enjoy the classes each time.  Annie has a very distinct way of training you that other instructors – be it personal trainers, yoga teachers or other Pilates instructors – do not have.  Throughout the workout, Annie will help you get your body into the exact position that brings the most out of that exercise, and she explains to you why she is doing so. 

What separates Annie is her passion for Pilates, health, and her clients.  She not only wants you to be a better form of you, but she also wants you to enjoy the process.  I might be biased as her brother, but there’s no way around the fact that I’m more physically fit, more flexible, and have a healthier core.  As a result, I don’t settle for any other kinds of workouts – when I like my results and it’s a pleasure going through the process, there is no reason to! 

- Nick Verderame


Annie Verderame is by far and away the best Pilates teacher in the Phoenix Metro area. She has studied Pilates for years, obtained her certifications, and knows this discipline like the back of her hand. So much so, that she has been able to keep me in the game following a knee injury. She knows old school pilates, contemporary pilates, yoga inspired, etc. 

Furthermore, she is warm, kind, and delightful to work with. If you ever thought about trying Pilates, you should get in touch with Annie. It doesn't get much better. 

- Kari Jerge


Prior to finding Annie's pilates class I always stuck to spinning. Pilates, especially on the Reformer, always intimidated me. The first time I took Annie's class I was hooked! Especially after how sore my abs were the next day. I immediately recognized that I was working muscles that other classes don't touch on. Even though I was a beginner in a class of experienced Pilates students, Annie's knowledge of the body helps you catch on quick. She told me that 70% of Pilates is paying attention to the instructions and cues - and it's true! She talks you through every move and teaches you which muscles to activate - which is so rare in a group class setting. Strengthening and shaping your body correctly is so important to Annie. If you're doing an exercise  incorrectly, she quickly and calmly helps you fix your position - never making you feel embarrassed or intimidated. 

It's obvious that her passion is her profession and I feel so lucky that she shares her years of knowledge and practice in each of her classes. It is also obvious that she is a student of the game herself as she is always finding new exercises to keep your body guessing. We are so lucky to have someone with so much experience, knowledge and passion in Phoenix!

-Marissa O'Connor